Whatever type of sinusitis you might be suffering from, you can get over it by getting yourself the best humidifier for sinus problems. While it might take few days for acute sinus to go without any treatment, the chronic sinus may tarry for longer periods. According to experts, one of the basic factors that trigger sinus problem is low humidity which basically means when there is limited moisture in the air. Consequently, you start experiencing painful sinus symptoms like nasal congestion, sore throat, running nose, headache, etc. To relieve yourself of any of these symptoms or prevent the occurrence of sinus infection, you need to get a humidifier as soon as possible.

What type of humidifier is best for sinus infections?

There are two major types of humidifiers that are used to produce moisture in the air namely cool mist humidifier and warm mist humidifier. Although both help to reduce air dryness, however, many experts believe the cool mist humidifier is best to reduce air dryness. The difference between the two types of humidifiers is that, unlike warm mist humidifier that produces warm moisture, cool mist humidifier produces cool moisture.

As it is difficult to decide the best type of humidifier for your sinus pressure, we are confident that our buyer’s guide will help you in making the right choice while selecting the best humidifier for your sinuses.

Top 5 Best Small Humidifiers for Sinus Problems

1. Pallas 2019 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

5 Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems and Infection Reviews

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Why struggle with sinus problems when you can experience uttermost freedom with a humidifier that works. The unique features of this product make it stand out as one of the best humidifiers for sinus problems for the past few years. Its tank can contain 5 liters of water which enables the device to continuously run for over 20 hours. The Pallas operates quietly and evenly spread cool mist in the air to soothe your skin and ease you of sinus pains like hoarse voice, congestion, cough, nasal pain, sore throat, etc.

This product is mobile and a perfect fit for any small room size either an office, basement, kitchen, bedroom, or any area you might need it. Moreover, it has a controllable setting that allows you to change the mist level to any range (low, middle, or high) depending on your preference or the percentage of indoor humidity. It also has a controllable nozzle that is easy to control. What you need to do is to direct the nozzle towards the area you need it the most. Another unique feature of this Pallas humidifier is its carbon cotton cartridge that filters out the ultra-organisms in water to produce a cool and healthy mist that for you to inhale.

  • OVER 20 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS HEALTH BENEFITS: Large-capacity. 5L water tank permits over 20 hours of continuous humidifying, relieving sinus problems, moisturizing dry skin, easing asthma symptoms, reducing snoring, and lowering chances of spreading cold and flu
  • 360° DEGREE HUMIDITY COVERAGE: 360° degree rotating nozzle ensures an even level of humidity distributed in your home.It's the perfect size for any room, big or small.Convenient usage in your office, home , bedroom, living room, and anywhere else you might need it
  • ACTIVATED CARBON COTTON CARTRIDGE: microporous activated carbon cotton filter cartridge filters out microorganisms and negative ions from water for a cleaner and healthier mist
  • ULTRASONIC, ULTRA QUIET TECHNOLOGY: Ultrasonic Technology runs silently, providing cool humidifying mist without excess noise
  • 100% WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: If you are unhappy with your purchase, reach out to us via the Contact Seller button in the Your Orders section for a refund/replacement within 24 hours
  • Perfect for any room size
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate.
  • It runs for long hours.
  • It produces purified and healthy mist.
  • Scarcity

2. ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser humidifier

ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser humidifier

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We cannot out rightly say that Asakuki product is the best humidifier for sinus infection. However, it has an essential oil diffuser that serves as aromatherapy which can help you solve sinus related problems. What you need to do is to open your diffuser, pour few drops (5-10) of your preferred essential oil into it, and fill it with clean water, and, then turn on your device. It is confirmed that the fragrant emanating from your device will suppress micro-organisms, dust, allergens, and some other irritating smells or bacteria that can trigger sinus problems.

Furthermore, it has 2 levels of ultrasonic quiet function and 3 programmable timer settings that make it easy to use. The low noise level also helps to enjoy your night rest while the device is on. Another desirable feature of this device is its portable size and lightweight which makes it easy to reposition either on your desk, beside your bed, inside your car, or anywhere you might need it. Asakuki also comes with 7 different LED lights that you can use as an interior design; and a 500 ML water capacity tank that is easy to clean. Due to the size of the water tank, the device can only run for 16 hours without refilling. The outstanding feature of this product is its auto shut safety setting. Asakuki will automatically switch off whenever the water tank is empty as an indication that you need to refill the tank. The major benefit of this feature is that it prevents your device from overheating, thus, it enhances the product life span.

  • 5-IN-1 AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunction aromatherapy device unlike any other you've ever used. It features a large and easy to clean 500ml water tank, 7 different LED light colors, multiple mist nebulizer modes and remote control, as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.
  • CONVENIENT REMOTE CONTROL: Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as a humidifier. Use it to improve your home's air and atmosphere quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: When it comes to our premium essential oil diffusers, we make a point of using nothing but the same ultra-high grade, safe, and eco-friendly PP materials baby bottles are made from, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR EVERYONE: If you're in the market for a nice and practical gift, you can stop looking. This great aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful and handy present, one that everyone can benefit from. With a combination of style, design and function like that, it's a great hit!
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: At ASAKUKI, we have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves! Each one of them comes with a 1-year technical support. Your satisfaction is paramount! Note: AC adapter is in the water tank!
  • Easy to control
  • Portable and affordable.
  • Auto switch that prevents overheating
  • Neutralizes offensive odor that can trigger sinus problem
  • Might be a bit noisy.
  • be lesser moisture than needed
  • It cannot humidify a large room.

3. Milin Cool Mist Humidifier

Milin Cool Mist Humidifier

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When looking for the best humidifier to solve your sinus problem, you should reach out for the type that has sterilization technology and that is what Milin guarantees you. This device has an installed air sterilizer that removes about 99.9% of air germs leaving your indoor environment free from harmful bacteria that can trigger sinus problems. The sterilization only functions for 2 hours with a single click. It means if you click on the sterilization button, the device will sterilize your room for only 2 hours unless you re-click the sterilization button before the device can sterilize the air for another 2 hours.

Milin has an oil diffuser that serves as aromatherapy. When you fill the oil diffuser with the oil of your choice, the fragrance helps to create a therapeutic atmosphere. Its 4 liters water tank and the easy refiling method makes it users friendly. As a result, this device can operate for 40 hours which makes it best in any environment.

It also has 8 hours programmable timer that allows you to control the way the device works. The programmable timer makes it perfect for night time because you can keep the device running while sleeping. Unlike some other humidifiers that have limited controllable setting, this device has 11 different humidity setting that enables you to control the way it runs. The Milin operates quietly making it a good humidifier to use in your bedroom. You can also turn off the LED light while the device is on if you find the light disturbing.

We can boldly say that all these features coupled with its ability to humidify a large room make it qualify as one of the best humidifiers for sinus problems.

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  • 99.9% Germ-Free, 100% Air Sterilization: With innovative micro-electrolysis sterilization technology, MILIN top fill humidifier converts water (H2O) into -OH, [O], H+, OH-, and other highly oxidizing sterilization ions, which can destroy the DNA/RNA of harmful germs in the air. After sterilization, germs are reduced to neutral water molecules which are gentle to your skin and your body. Simply test the air quality level with a bacteria analyzer and enjoy safe and comfortable air.
  • 4L Large Capacity & 8H Timer: With a 4L water tank, MILIN cool mist humidifier provides up to 40 hours of runtime. A 8-hour timer allows you to set a duration that meets your needs. You needn’t to leave your comfortable bed at midnight to refill water, or restart/turn off it! Our humidifier with essential oil diffuser has a large top opening that you can easily pour water in freely without worrying about geting the floor wet. The indicating light reminds you when the water tank needs a refill.
  • Customizable/Standard Sterilization & 3 Mist Levels: In standard sterilization mode, MILIN humidifier for home will perform 30min sterilization in high mist, 30min in medium, and 60min in low. MILIN mist humidifier also has a customizable mode, in which you can freely set a sterilization duration and a mist level. Simply press the mist button and the mist output speed is adjusted during which indicator highlights. Different from others, the dense mist will never get your furniture and floor wet.
  • 3-in-1 Sterilizer, Humidifier & Diffuser: With essential oil diffuser, MILIN cool mist humidifier fills your room with your favorite fragrance along with its cool mist. MILIN LED display humidifier provides 11 constant humidity levels for your selection, from 30%-80%. Long-time stable humidity helps you feel relaxed and happy. MILIN EPA-approved large room humidifier safely and effectively kills 99% of harmful germs in the air. You can freely choose a standard or customized sterilization mode.
  • Auto Shut Off & Whisper Quiet for Sleep: Equipped with ultrasonic technology, MiLin humidifier enjoys incredible silence, lowest noise level 26 dB. The humidifier is perfect for restful sleep as the sleep mode keeps the LED indicators off, with no dazzling light at all. When the tank runs out of water, MiLin humidifier stops working and the low water indicator lights up as a reminder. An additional beep alarm is designed. This helps avoid damage to the item and keeps you safe even when sleeping.
  • Works quietly
  • It has aromatherapy to ease you of stress and sinus problem
  • Auto shut mode to save energy
  • Sterilization technology to eliminate germs.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Perfect for a large room
  • A bit expensive.

4. Hupro Air Humidifier

Hupro Air Humidifier

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If you’ve been suffering from dry air that triggers sinus problems and worsens it as the humidity continuously decreases, worry no more. Hupro is among the best humidifiers for sinus problems because it comes with a removable nozzle that enables it to humidify every corner of your room. Another unique feature of this device is that it can serve as a cool and warm mist humidifier. It also comes with a portable remote control that allows you to set its adjustable humidistat to either high, medium, or low level, depending on your choice.

Furthermore, its tank holds up to 6 liters of water and the device automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. Hupro has an auto mode feature that scans the humidity level in your environment to produce the appropriate amount of mist needed. Hupro is also known to function as aromatherapy as its built-in essential oil diffuser keeps your environment free from offensive odors and allergen that can increase sinus symptoms. Other features include a programmable timer, easy to clean reservoir, and a water filter. It is also perfect for sleep mode as you can easily turn off the LED light while the machine is still one.

  • Model Years 2020, 5.8 Capacity
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep mode for perfect night rest
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Programmable timer and humidity reader that gives you the best user experience
  • It serves as a cool and warm mist humidifier.
  • A bit noisy.

5. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

5. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

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Enjoy up to 50 hours of a humidified environment in your bedroom, sitting room, office, etc., with this product as it assures you of uttermost comfort. It has 6 liter water tank capacity and can work in a large room. Unlike some products that only humidifies, this device has an essential oil diffuser that produces a nice scent in your room and at the same time eliminates dry air.

Although this product does not guarantee absolute silence, however, its auto shut feature makes it unique. This humidifier does not have a filter so you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of changing filters. Its adjustable control knob enables you to control its speed to suit your need. For personal safety and protection of your machine from damage, it has an auto shut mode that turns the device off whenever the water tank is empty. If you are already considering buying this device, note that you should keep the humidity in your room between 40-60 to prevent excess dampness.

An attractive fact about this product is that you can replace your humidifier if it develops a fault within the space of 2 years after purchasing it.

  • 💨Long Lasting Coverage for Your Home, Office, Nursery, or Dorm: Our ultrasonic humidifier has a 6 liter (1.6 gallon) tank that works in rooms up to 500 sq feet and lasts for up to 50 hours
  • 🌺Not Your Average Air Humidifier: We included an essential oil tray that circulates fragrant oils into the cool mist, giving you a pure and fresh smelling aroma throughout your home
  • 🔇Safe to Use, Whisper Quiet: Our large room humidifier is nearly silent (less than 30 DB) and also shuts off automatically when out of water; safe to use in baby rooms and bedrooms
  • ❌Never Replace a Filter Again: Our bedroom humidifier is filterless, saving you from ongoing replacement costs. Important: Try to keep humidity between 40 to 60 percent to avoid water accumulation
  • ✔️2 Year Replacement Policy: At Everlasting Comfort we care about your experience with our products, pledging to replace your humidifiers for home should anything go wrong
  • Easy to assemble
  • For small spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability.
  • A bit noisy.

How to choose the best humidifier for sinus problems.

There are many products in the market that promise to provide the basic features you want in a humidifier. As it might be tempting to buy the brand with the cheapest price or the finest design, you should remember that your main goal is to prevent sinus problems so choose the type that will do that.

Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Consider your environment: Before buying a humidifier, you should consider the temperature and humidity level of your environment; and the rate of environmental contaminants. For instance, if you live where the air is contaminated, you should consider buying a warm mist humidifier. The reason is that it can produce a warm mist that will help eliminate bacteria causing sinus problems.
  • Capacity: You should buy a humidifier that can serve a whole room rather than the type that will require repositioning to humidify every corner of your room.
  • Functionality: While cool mist humidifier requires less electricity as it adds moisture in the air, warm mist humidifier consumes more energy and produces warm mist instead. However, ultrasonic humidifier is the best humidifier for sinus problems because it serves a dual purpose to produce cool and warm mist.

What can you put in a humidifier to help with congestion?

Humidifiers with essential oil diffusers have helped solve half of the congestion problem any sinusitis patient might be facing. However, it is left for you to put the type of oil that can solve every of your congestion problem. These oils include:

  • Tea tree oil: It is enriched with antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that ease sinus congestion.
  • Peppermint oil: Its basic component known as menthol will help you have a clearer throat and make it easy for you to breathe.
  • Eucalyptus oil: It has basic components that will help to clear bacteria and other pollutants that can cause cough or a blocked nose.


From buyers’ experience and our observation, we choose Milin Cool Mist Humidifier and Hepro Air Humidifier as the best humidifiers for sinus problems. The reason is that they have distinctive features like the ability to run a whole day, essential oil diffuser, adjustable humidistat settings, and the capacity to cool a large room. All these features make it easy for you to control your device and also enjoy a healthier air.


Sinus problems are agonizing and can deprive you of exciting daytime and good night rest. We believe that our buyer’s guide has provided vital information that you need to select the best humidifier for sinus problems.