Air pollution occurs every day, and human activities are responsible for compromising the atmosphere. From indoor to outdoor, we cannot avoid pollute air. Also, we cannot live in the same sphere, be it inside the city or the apartment level, because it is harmful to healthy living. More so, we can’t control air pollution 100 percent efficiently, but the best air purifier for polluted cities has proven to work seamlessly.

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to walking you through cities’ air pollution causes, benefits, and how to choose an effective air purifier to protect yourself as you drive through towns or while indoors.

6 Best Air Purifier For Polluted Cities Reviews

1. HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

The Best Air Purifier For Polluted Cities In 2021 – Explained

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Heavy chemicals coming into your home from the outside can be of great concern, especially if you live close to the roadside. Finding a reliable solution such as this Hearthaspace helps remove smog, tiny particles, or dust is worth the investment.

A five-in-one filtration system helps the appliance target pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet dander, haze, VOCs, etc.

The medical HEPA 13-grade filter helps protect people from allergies and asthma conditions triggers.

Though this product is a recommendation for large rooms or space measuring up to one thousand five hundred square feet, but also be applicable in small-medium size rooms.  

The unit is a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter powerful for air cleaning  

Selling features
  • 5 stages HEPA filter
  • Air sensor monitors the quality of the atmosphere
  • Weight: 27.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 9 x 16.5 x 27 inches
  • Eliminate odor and smoke
  • Easy to wash the pre-filter
  • 5-year warranty and 7 days customer support  
  • Cost of replacing the filter

2. Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

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As small as the Dyson air cleaner, it can clean air, making it devoid of toxins that can harm you brought by cities pollutants.

The intelligent sensor in this device alerts the machine once the atmosphere level is dirty, thus kick start itself to purify it.

After the day’s hustle, while retiring to bed, this Dyson will keep your home air safe while you sleep quietly. From researches, it is one of the quietest air cleaners for cities pollution.

Selling features
  • Intelligent sensor
  • LED display
  • Amazon echo enabled
  • Has 2nd generation HEPA filter designed by Dyson
  • It runs silently, no fan in its composition
  • Portable construction fits tight tabletop
  • Filter replacement cost
  • One of the most costly products in the list  

3. HomeZens UV-C Air Sanitizer Air Purifier

HomeZens UV-

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Bacteria and viruses are also known agents that interfere with the quality of the air you breathe, but thankfully, this HomeZens can handle these factors. How is this achieved? It uses its Ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs, viruses, or bacteria, as the case may be.

The performance level of the HomeZen, portability, and quietness makes it popular among mothers who have newborn for baby nursery. It is also an excellent choice for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and pet area applications.   

Selling features
  • UV-Light protection
  • Plug-in air purifier
  • 180 degree rotating plug
  • 120v rated
  • Noise Level: <45 dB
  • Great for small space
  • Low noise operation
  • No filter to replace
  • It does not release ozone
  • Not for big space rooms
  • Cannot be used without a top cover
  • It should not be used when the machine has any physical damage

4. Medify MA-40 with H13 True HEPA Filter

Medify MA-40 with H13 True HEPA Filter

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Filtering your air from smoke, cigarette smoke, and removing dust plus pet dander, this Medify has never failed to safeguard users from these problems.

The MA features a True HEAP filter which is H13 rated, and this powerful filter helps in removing up to .01 microns, which an ordinary HEPA filter can’t do for you. 

The Medify has 3-speed levels such as low, medium, and high. It runs with maximal noise of 66 dB and a minimum of 46Db (suitable for sleeping at night)

There is also a timer function that lets you set the duration you want the device to work and turn off itself, and this helps save energy instead of the machine running even when the air is clean. 

Selling features
  • 380 CADR rating
  • Capture 0.1 micron sizes
  • Experience clean air within 30 minutes of application
  • H13 True HEPA Filter
  • 6 months filter replacement duration
  • CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified
  • Purify up to 840 square feet surrounding
  • Ultra quiet
  • Child lock
  • 3 fan speed
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Registered USA Lifetime Warranty
  • Lacks UV disinfection
  • Filter needs replacement after 24 weeks

4. Honeywell HPA300, Extra-Large Room

Honeywell HPA300, E

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You can never go wrong choosing this Honeywell HPA300 because it readily protects air to make you breathe better.

Whether city or traffic pollution, as the situation may warrant, no cause for alarm if you often find yourself on the roadside or your house is near the road, the Honeywell can trap up to 99.9% airborne substances as tiny as 0.3 microns.

The HEPA that comes with this unit has 3 level air cleaning stages, ensuring a crystal clear atmosphere. Top of the buy, it operates with a reduced noise level for a night of more relaxed night sleep and is a perfect pick for children’s rooms.  

Selling features
  • 465 square feet
  • Honeywell HEPA filter
  • Three-stage air cleaning
  • Has a Turbo speed boast
  • Adjustable control panel light
  • Weight: 17.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 9.25 x 20 x 22.25 inches
  • Require less space
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Removes odor, VOC’s, dander, smoke, and mold spores, virus, bacteria, etc.
  • Uses only Honeywell HEPA filter
  • No remote control

5. HoMedics TotalClean PetPlus

HoMedics TotalClean PetPlus

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Remember, pollution is a combination of various unwanted contaminants, and having a True HEPA filter air purifier such as this Homedics, will keep you safe from them.

Apart from having a powerful filter, UV light still fights germs and bacteria, which is a plus to making the TotalClean a great buy, especially for those living in the city where the pollution rate is higher.

The Homedic pet plus portable design favors those with limited space in their bedroom or office desk.

Selling features
  • UV technology 
  • Ionizer for home
  • Odor filtration
  • HEPA filtration power
  • Five-in-one tower air purifier
  • Remove as small as .3 microns
  • Spaces up to 1343 sq. ft.
  • Essential oil pad included
  • Circulate fresh air faster
  • Occupy small space
  • Customize speed control
  • Optional ionizer
  • Works with essential oil
  • Pricey
  • Filter replacing cost

6. GermGuardian AC4825E Air Purifier

GermGuardian AC4825E Air Purifier

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We are summarizing this discussion of the air purifier system for cities pollution with this GermGauradian product.

It is one of the cheapest among the various items but has the highest customer reviews, up to 39000 and 4.7 start rating out of 5. That’s is to tell you the level of acceptance among customers.

The Germ Ac combines a True HEPA filter alongside UV light to protect the home atmosphere from uninvited pollutants. The Guardian guarantees to capture up to 0.3 microns of particles.

Whether your air is being covered by cooking smoke, smell, animal fur, dust, spores, or pollen, say goodbye to all of these nuisances using the GermGuardian AC4825E to purify your atmosphere.  

Selling features
  • Pre filter
  • UVC light
  • H13 HEPA filter system
  • Activated charcoal filter for odor reduction
  • Design for 153 square feet
  • 3 speed setting levels
  • Weight: 8.55 pounds
  • Dimension: 10.25 x 6.75 x 21.5 inches
  • Not expensive
  • Destroys germs, viruses, and bacteria, thanks to UV technology
  • Not for large rooms

The Problems of City Air Pollution

Having clean air is always the message of the World Health Organization (WHO), but a lot of human activities are going on in the world, causing atmosphere degradation (like ozone depletion).

For instance, Co2 (carbon dioxide) emitting from our cars, industrial furnaces, and other sources contributes to air contamination problems. If you’re within an atmosphere of pollution, there is the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction, breathing challenges, or dermatology effect. Smoky air leads to irritating, watery, and itchy eyes.

Moreover, traffic air pollution is dreadful for those whose car ac is nonfunctional, and there is no way to windup. Therefore, you’ve no other option but to stay in the traffic for hours while inhaling lousy air that can affect the lungs. This is more deadly if you’re already diagnosed with an allergy-related or asthma condition.    

The consequences of air pollution are vast, therefore, curbing (preventing) it is essential, and an air purifier provides you the assurance.

How Air Purifier for City Air Pollution Benefit You?

Even if you’re not driving doesn’t mean you’re safe. Your home atmosphere is bound to face pollution that comes in from the cities through moving air.

Once you notice stuffiness in your surroundings, cleaning it is a refreshing approach to ward off health-related shortcomings. Thus an air purifier can protect you.

How? Air purifier is a technology design to assist in air purification. The device consists of a filter system responsible for capturing the dirt that enters the machine. It draws the polluted air into its chamber for processing before releasing it back into the atmosphere.

There are different air filters found in air cleaners, including pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, True HEPA, or ULPA filters. Some models come with activated charcoal filters, UV filters, and all of these filters serve different purposes.

You need to know that some units can have filters two or more as a combining power that helps filter the air, while others might feature one. However, if you are looking for an air purifier for city pollution, the types of filters used to make the proposed one are worth checking.

According to findings, ULPA is the more efficient, but only a few products come with such filter grade. The next in rated is True HEPA filter, followed by conventional filter and pre-filter. At the same time, the activated charcoal filter helps in odor reduction.

While many other features need checking when shopping for an air purifier, we want you to know that the primary reason for air purifiers is to protect the atmosphere from pollutants such as dust, dirt, smoke (gases), and that’s why most households can’t do without them.

Final Thought

Understanding air pollution in the cities has no boundary. It can enter your home to cause a severe state of health damage. So finding a way, though, might not be a lasting solution but consistent use of air purifier help reduce the effect of dirty air on our lungs, respiratory tracts and breathing inclusively.

The review section highlights the different products you can pick, but if you still find it challenging to know which is suitable for you, below is our top recommendation:

  • HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

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