Do you know that traffic pollution can shorten your life expectancy? Research shows that road transportation is one of the leading causes of air pollution. It has been an ongoing problem in almost every society. Due to the increasing rate at which people depend on on-road transportation, everyone should get effective air purifiers for traffic pollution.

Although, we cannot generalize the hazardous effects of traffic pollution on the entire world population because the rate at which people are vulnerable to these toxic chemicals varies from place to place. For instance, someone who resides in a rural area might hardly contact traffic air pollution than someone living in an urban area, where the roads are often busy. Nevertheless, traffic pollution is present in every society, and there are tons of dangers these toxins have on our health.

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7 Best Air Purifier For Traffic Air Pollution Reviews

1. FRiEQ Car Ionizer Air Purifier:

7 Best Air Purifier For Traffic Air Pollution

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FRiEQ is known to be active in removing offensive odours and harmful particles caused by traffic pollution. It can also quickly eliminate dust, smoke and keeps your car freshened. Just like you would want your car to look good outwardly, this device has blue light LED display that serves as an interior decoration for your car. It also has two USB ports where you can conveniently charge your devices at once. 

Unlike other traffic air purifier that needs thorough maintenance, you don’t need to change the filters of this device nor refill its scents. However, you might not want to buy this product because its voltage must be at 12V/24v before you can use it.

  • It is easy to maintain
  • It works fast and helps beautify the inward part of your car. 
  • It has USB ports where you can charge your phone.
  • It is cheap 
  • It is portable.
  • oes not have a remote control.
  • It might not function if the voltage is high.

2. Twinkle Birds for Traffic Air Pollution:

Twinkle Birds Air Purifier

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Do you need a car air purifier that does not need to be plugged in a voltage socket that can remove allergen? Then it would help if you considered buying this product. The twinkle bird’s air purifier eliminates unpleasant smells like sweat and stinks, vomit, or smoke. It also helps kill viruses, and bacteria in the air, such as dust and mold spores. The two unique features of this product are that it works quietly and can instantaneously eliminate 90 percent of air pollutants, making it easy for you to breathe.

There is a standard plan of 30 days free trial guarantee after purchasing this product.

  • It is portable.
  • It eliminates germs, viruses, and bacterial in the air.
  • Works fast and quietly.
  • It has no filter

3. Wynd Smart Personal Air Purifier:

Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier

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While some air purifiers are only suitable for car use, Wynd air purifiers can be used at home, in the office, or car. Although very portable, it can eliminate approximately 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria that might want to penetrate inside your car or house. This device comes with an integrated application that makes it monitor your environmental air quality. As a result, it can automatically change its speed rate to either low or fast depending on the air quality in your environment.

Wynd air purifier has a high purifying rate and can stay on for 8 hours without you needing to charge it. Nevertheless, you might find it challenging to use this device because you need to change the filters after some months; otherwise, it might not function well.  

  • works fast
  • It’s rechargeable
  • It has an automatic speed adjuster
  • It can read the air quality.
  • .
  • It requires proper maintenance.

4. Dyson Pure Cool Air for Pollution :

Dyson Pure Cool HEPA Air Purifier

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This device is rated as one of the best air purifiers for traffic pollution in 2021 because it can detect the pollution rate in an environment. 

Dyson can eliminate air pollutants in a medium-size room, office, etc. It works fast in removing dusty, smoky, and unpleasant odors present in an atmosphere. 

You should consider using this device if your uttermost desire is to eliminate the tiniest air particles from your room because this has a reliable activated carbon filter. 

One of its uncommon features is that it can automatically detect air quality in indoor or outdoor surroundings and display the status of air pollutants currently available. Unlike most air purifiers, this device has an automatic programmable timer that enables you to set the time you want it on or off. It also has a standard oscillation system that makes it eliminate air pollutants from every corner of your car or room. 

Furthermore, this device can serve a dual purpose, that is, as a fan and purifier. While working, you can decide to turn off the fan and allows Dyson only to purify your room or vice versa.

  • Portable.
  • It can be controlled from afar.
  • It works quickly.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can work as a fan and purifier.
  • It is expensive.

5. Twinkle Birds Store Car Air Purifier Ionizer:

Twinkle Birds Store Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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Suppose your primary reason for not buying an air purifier for traffic pollution is that you are conscious of the available space in your car. In that case, we advise you to go for this product. Twinkle bird is portable, making it a perfect fit for your vehicle because it doesn’t require extra space. This device serves a dual purpose. It can effectively eliminate offensive odors and remove air pollutants, such as dust, mold spores, that can cause respiratory infection, eye problems, and others. Aside from its air purifying feature, it has USB ports that you can use to charge your devices without having to plug the air purifier inside an electronic outlet.

As much as you would love to buy a product that works perfectly well inside your car, you should consider going for the type that dashes. However, this has been one of the shortcomings of this device.

  • Easy to use 
  • Runs quickly 
  • It is cheap
  • It might not be quiet.
  • Slightly tricky to maintain.
  • It operates slowly.

6. Jinpus Air Purifier with HEPA Filter:

Jinpus Air Purifier with HEP

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Suppose you want a portable, cheap, practical, easy to use, and durable best air purifier for traffic pollution. In this case, you should consider buying this product. Jinpus is suitable to operate inside a car, bedroom, or office. This device has an incredible purifying speed rate. Also, it works quietly, making it perfect for the working environment or during the night period.

The fantastic feature of this device is that it has two stages of filtration, effective filter and Hepa filter. These two filters work together to remove every particle in the air. It also has a programmable timer that allows the device to run for 8 hours before it can automatically switch off. Another reason Jinupus dominates the market is that it is best for night hours as it displays soft lights, making it perfect for users with a phobia for dark. 

  • Easy to use
  • Works faster
  • Operates quietly
  • It is portable and durable
  • It requires adequate maintenance for it to function well.

7. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier:

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

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Suppose you’re looking for the best air purifier that can eliminate the tiniest air particle. In that case, you should consider buying IQAir Hyper HEPA. Its standard filtration technology allows it to remove unpleasant odors, viruses, or bacteria in the atmosphere. This device is very efficient in eliminating gas and harmful microns from every corner of a room without you having to move the device around. 

Furthermore, IQAir has a programmed intelligent system that signifies whenever the filter needs to be changed. You can also easily change your device’s settings from any corner of your room using its remote. Unlike some easily detachable products, every component of this device is tightly fixed, making it safe to use and easy to maintain.

  • s sophisticated filtration technology
  • Features a programmable timer
  • It works fast and quietly.
  • Considerably scarce

Side Effect Of Traffic Air Pollution

  • Respiratory infection: Most vehicles emanate a toxic chemical known as Carbon Monoxide (CO). Exposure to this chemical leads to severe poisoning, resulting in headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of consciousness, etc. However, this can make you less productive or sick.
  • Skin and lung diseases: Research shows that traffic can cause sulfur dioxide because of fossil fuel in every, Lorries, Motorcycles, etc. Penetration of this chemical into your body system can cause lung disease or skin irritation.
  • Death of sea habitats: Toxins from traffic can reduce oxygen in the water, which causes suffocation of marine species and this, therefore, leads to their death and a significant loss for the Aqua culturist. 
  • Global warming: When harmful chemical continues dominating the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth increases, thereby global warming will occur. Consequently, this can cause acid rain resulting in the depletion of agricultural products.
How Does It Work?

The air filter is responsible for removing toxic particles emanating from vehicles before they spread throughout the atmosphere.

How To Find The Determine The Best Air Purifier For Traffic Pollution

  • Purifying capacity: Traffic air pollutants are known to be invisible without the aid of a microscope. Although most air purifiers promise to eliminate harmful microns caused by fossil fuel exhaust, however, not every product has the same filtrating system. While some products start working immediately, you turn on the power button, while some devices might take minutes before booting. It is, therefore, advisable you buy a product that can quickly remove ultrafine particles.
  • Durability: We all love to have appliances that can last for long years without having to repair them often. From the fact that it is expensive to frequently hire an electrician to repair your air purifier, you also won’t get the best of the device. To avoid this, you must buy an air purifier that is made of quality materials.
  • Presence of carbon filter: Don’t be fooled by the design of an air purifier. Ensure you buy the type that has a fully activated carbon filter because it helps in eliminating bad odor and microns.
  • Room size: As great as it is to have an effective air purifier for traffic pollution, you also need to consider your room space. If you buy the type that will make your room stuffy, you might end up suffering from high indoor humidity or poor illumination. This makes it essential to buy an air purifier that suits your room size.

Now that you are fully aware of the main features the best air purifier for traffic pollution should have, kindly check out the brands we recommend for you.

Final Thought

Traffic pollution has been one of the most significant causes of air pollution in every society. While government and societal bodies are looking for ways to reduce traffic pollution, you should also seek effective means to protect yourself. You can achieve this by getting a functional air purifier that can work perfectly in your environment.

Our suggestion we recommend you buy either the IQAir HealthPro Plus or Dyson Pure Cool air purifiers. Why? Because these devices are highly effective in removing ultrafine particles before they spread throughout the air. Unlike other air purifiers that are basically for cars or desks, both air purifiers are suitable for a medium-sized room. They can be easily programmed and have a high oscillation system.

Suppose you live or work close to a busy road or spend hours driving. In that case, you need to get an air purifier for traffic pollution because you are more vulnerable than those who live far from the road or hard drive.

Our uttermost concern is your health which makes us believe our buyer’s guide will help you make the best choice.