When the air outside becomes hot and humid, having a cold air-conditioned room to retreat to is a blessing. Fans are hardly ever sufficient to give you enough cooling power for hot summer days. For that, you’ll need a powerful air conditioner properly sized for your room.

Friedman air conditioners are popular for their trendy designs, ease of use, and efficiency. The smart control option is also a bonus you get with these conditioners. In this review, we have selected 5 of the best Friedrich air conditioners units you can consider buying in 2021. Read on to learn how to choose the right one for you. 

How To Choose The Best Friedrich Air Conditioner

Choosing the right air conditioner can be a bit challenging especially for a first-time buyer. There are a few things to watch out for before you make a purchase. First is your budget, but this should not really be a constraint. Once you know the features you are looking for, you can work on finding a unit within your budget range that has these features. 

You want to buy a model that is power efficient. This way, you spend less on electricity bills and save more bucks in the long run. Go for conditioners that operate quietly so that you can sleep peacefully or go about your normal routine with no distractions. It is also really important to choose an air conditioning unit that is easy to install, assemble and operate.

But perhaps the most important factor in choosing an air conditioner is the size and operating capacity of the unit. If the air conditioner is too small, you will have to run it continuously for several hours to get the desired result and it may never fully cool your room.

1. Friedrich CCW15B10A Chill  Smart Air Conditioner Wall & Window Unit

Friedrich CCW15B10A Chill  Smart Air Conditioner Wall & Window Unit

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The Friedrich CCW15B10A Premier Smart Air Conditioner is a smart air conditioner unit with loads of advanced features. The unit can be easily operated with the LCD remote included in its pack. In addition, the wall and window air conditioner unit can be controlled from anywhere you are via the Friedrich Go app because it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature.

It features a MoneySaver technology that ensures that it saves energy helping to save cost in the long run. In case of power interruption, your settings are saved so you won’t have to rest when it Auto-restarts. It continues to work with previous settings at power restoration. The air conditioner unit functions quietly thanks to the QuietMaster technology which allows it to run up to 25% Quieter than other units in the same price range.


  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Efficient cooling operation
  • Features unique sleep settings


  • Reading through instructions may be necessary before remote or WiFi use.

2. Friedrich CEW12B33A 12000 BTU Smart Air Conditioner Window Unit

Friedrich CEW12B33A 12000 BTU Smart Air Conditioner Window Unit

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This Friedrich air conditioner model features a slide-out chassis which makes installation and maintenance very easy. The washable air filter built into this unit ensures that it only delivers clean and fresh conditioned air to your room. The Friedrich CEW12B33A can also be programmed to produce fast heated air which is perfect for very cold rooms in winter. The warm air is generated from the conditioner’s electric heat strip.

Additionally, the unit has been specifically designed to absorb sound so it is about 25% quieter than other air conditioners. It is also wi-fi compatible so you can easily control it on your smartphone through the Friedrich Go App. The air conditioning unit is also compatible with voice commands and can be conveniently synced with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


  • Easy to install
  • Washable air filter
  • Money Saver settings


  • None recorded

3. Friedrich Chill Premier 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner

Friedrich Chill Premier 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner

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This is a convenient and portable air conditioning unit designed for window installations only. The unit features smart controls through voice commands and is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices. The inbuilt Wi-Fi makes it operable with smartphones. Also, you can easily control the Friedrich Chill Premier Smart Window Air conditioner with its remote.

The Friedrich Air Conditioner has wide vents for efficient air discharge and it blows air in both the left and right directions. The air conditioner comes with a dry setting, a timer, and a sleep mode as well for extra convenience. The dry setting allows the humidity level to be maintained by 50%.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable air conditioner
  • Features counterweight to dampen noise


  • Not the quietest unit

4. Friedrich Uni-Fit Series In Wall Air Conditioner Energy Star

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With this Friedman Uni-fit model, you do not need to worry much about installation size specifications. The conditioner is a universal in-wall fit and is built for sleeves ranging from 24.5 inches to 27 inches. The Friedrich Uni-fit is appropriate for rooms as large as 450 sq. ft.

This air conditioner model features a 24-hour timer that allows for room temperature customization depending on your habits and preferences. The dust filter functions well to purify the circulated air. The remote control that comes included in the pack and the in-built Wi-Fi is ideal to conveniently adjust the settings.


  • Universal Fit
  • Comes with a dust filter
  • 24-hour programmable timer


  • Does not come with a sleeve

5. Friedrich CCW08B10B (8000 BTU) Smart Air Conditioner

Friedrich CCW08B10B (8000 BTU) Smart Air Conditioner

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This unit does not have as much capacity as the other air conditioners on this list but is still an ideal choice for users with smaller rooms. The long-lasting insulated construction and metal casing allow for more quiet and efficient operations in a room as large as 250 square feet.

The Friedrich CCW08B10B is designed to be easy to install and access for maintenance thanks to the slide-out chassis design. It also features washable filters which help to maintain clean airflow.

This air conditioner device also features three different fan cooling speeds and a unique sleep setting. Other special features include a MoneySaver setting and an eight-way airflow command all controllable via your mobile phone or remote.


  • Contains standard installation hardware
  • Comes with a washable air filter
  • Features a three-temperature control function


  • It runs a little loud


  • How to replace Friedrich air conditioner filter

Your Friedrich air conditioner filter should be checked every 3-6months, to clean from debris. Follow these steps to remove and replace the filters on your Friedrich air conditioner:

The first thing you should do is to unplug your air conditioner for safety purposes. Next, open the front cover/grill located on the front or back of your air conditioner. Hold it down towards you and pull it down. This should allow you access to remove the filter gently. To do this, lift it and pull the bottom of the filter towards you.

Open the filter house by sliding the filter grip off the bottom of the filter. You might apply force to the slide. After opening it, clean the filter house and allow it to dry before installing the new carbon filter into it.

Place the new carbon filter inside the filter housing and let it fit into the cassette. Close the filter completely and seal it with the filter grip. If you find it difficult to place the grip, you might be doing it in the wrong direction. Try changing the direction of the grip and see if it works. But don’t force it in.

Reinstall the filter gently, placing the edges of the filter with the guide tabs and sliding it into place. Close the front cover after fixing and plug.

  • Are Friedrich air conditioners good?

Friedrich air conditioners are not only good but known to be among the best brands. They are efficient and durable. Friedrich air conditioners are made to improve indoor air quality. They have different sizes and unit types to suit your needs whatsoever. What’s more? The latest Friedrich air conditioners are equipped with several advanced features to make them even more functional and convenient to use. For instance, most of them have an inbuilt Wi-Fi module that makes them compatible with smart home systems and can be conveniently controlled from anywhere using the mobile app. Friedrich units are also known to be energy efficient. Of course, you have to ensure that the unit you purchase is properly sized for your room for optimal efficiency and performance.

  • How to unlock a Friedrich air conditioner?

Friedrich air conditioners can be locked with a password. When it’s locked the remote screen will have the lock icon displayed on it. To unlock it, go to the menu button and navigate it to the lock. You would be required to use the four-digit password you used to lock it. After inputting it, the lock icon disappears to indicate an unlocked status.

At the same time, the air conditioner can be unlocked without a password by pressing the fan mode and time-schedule for three seconds.  You can also make use of the reset button or simply remove the batteries of the remote control to remove the lock icon.

  • Who sells Friedrich air conditioners?

Friedrich air conditioners are widely distributed. The company has its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas but the products are sold out by different distributors online and at several stores offline.


Extreme hot weather can leave you feeling like you are in an uncomfortable Sauna. Buying a quality Friedrich air conditioner will ensure that your summer season is much more enjoyable. All the products on this list are reliable and will deliver optimum performance for users. However, our top pick is the Friedrich CCW15B10A Chill Premier Smart Air Conditioner. With 15,000 capacity and advanced features such as Wi-Fi Controls, you will find this unit efficient for most spaces.

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