Do you work in a large area of high humidity that’s always humid air around you and looking for ways to drain the atmosphere? An industrial dehumidifier is what you need.

An industrial dehumidifier is a device that will help clear off mugginess around your industry. If you’ve encountered any health issues once, as a result of dampness, you’ll know how important it is to always keep healthy air around you, at relative humidity.

With an industrial dehumidifier, you get to manage your air effectively, thereby warding off any moistness that could be dangerous to your health.

On top of it, an industrial dehumidifier gives you cool and fresh air, which maintains the quality of your industrial goods. Several industries, such as the milling industry, food processing industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical companies, and many more, use grade dehumidifiers.

These industries leverage upon the benefits of the dehumidification process to keep their products in a healthy state.

Over the years, it has been found that the use of industrial dehumidifiers helps to elongate the lifespan of some products, especially food and drug products when used during packaging. Thus, an industrial dehumidifier reduces the moisture levels during food processing or packaging, as such help prevents any further damage to the food or drug products.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that you need an air dehumidifier in your home too. An industrial dehumidifier is also an alternative option to be used at home if you don’t mind its industrial looks.

But you need to know how to operate an industrial base dehumidifier properly to achieve optimal performance.  Below are the details on how an industrial dehumidifier works.

How Does An Industrial Dehumidifier Work?

An industrial dehumidifier reduces the humidness through refrigeration processes. 

Therefore, the working process of an industrial dehumidifier, the first step. The machine filters the air that passes through the cold evaporator coil after withdrawing it from the atmosphere. 

After this, the filtered air forms into droplets of water as the dew points increase. From here, the air gets moisturized as the water droplets drop into a container made for it. The moist air is reheated over the adjacent condenser, and it, in turn, increases the temperature in the room after being.

With the working process explained, you need to ensure you get a dehumidifier of the best quality. There are some particular things you need to have in mind while selecting an industrial dehumidifier at the market. Do know that there is every possibility to fall into the wrong hands of manufacturers. And to prevent this, here are some useful tips for you to note while buying your industrial dehumidifier.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Industrial Dehumidifier

To buy the best dehumidifier for your industry. You must have an in-depth knowledge of the different industrial dehumidifiers available in the market. 

The size of your room or building is one of the crucial aspects you need to consider before buying one. You need to get the square footage and the cubic feet measurement, as these will guide you on the precise one to buy. 

To get your square footage. Multiply the length (L) and width (W) measurement of your space in square footage. And for the cubic feet, all you need to do is measure the height of your room and then do your calculation. Let’s say 1000 square feet or 2000 sq. ft. as your supposed final value. It means you need to choose a unit that’s equivalent to such a figure. 

And aside from the size, the climate conditions of your industry also matter a lot. 

Having the accurate details of what you need the industrial dehumidifier for and the climatic conditions of your industry would guide you in making the right choice in the market. 

That said, below is the list of the best-reviewed 2021 industrial dehumidifiers listed for you. Though they vary in price and quality, they’re all affordable. 

Reviews Of The Best Industrial Dehumidifier

1. Alorair LGR with Auto Shut and Pump

Reviews Of The Best Industrial Dehumidifier

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AlorAir LGR is one of the high-ranked Alorair products selected for you. This model affords you the benefits of a 5-year warranty. Also, it has an automatic shut-off pump and some app-controlled features that add up to a pleasant user experience. 

This AlorAir weighs 70.5 pounds which is not too heavy to transport. It can remove up to 180 pints of water per day at saturation condition while 85 pints at AHAM condition. 

Along with that, AlorAir LGR dehumidifier is the best choice for the garage in your industry or any flood-damaged area. 

The design of the Alorair makes it fit into small spaces. Also, feature a Smart App that which user can connect to the dehumidifier through wifi. With the Smart App, you operate the AlorAir with ease.

  1. Memory restarting
  2. Auto-shut-off
  3. For water damage restoration
  4. App control
  5. cETL Listed
  6. MERV-8 Filter
  • It is portable in size
  • It automatically shuts on and off each time power is interrupted while running
  • AlorAir LGR comes with a dry-easy app that gives more user comfort 
  • Some users complain about the poor connection between the app the dehumidifier
  • Water spills can occur due to the lack of a tight-fitting lid

2. COLZER 190 PPD Portable Industrial Dehumidifier

COLZER 190 PPD Portable Industrial Dehumidifier

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Although this model is a bit expensive, compare to the AlorAir LGR but has quality features. 

It’s a perfect choice for water damage restoration, flood clean-up, and moisture removal. Also, it’s the best bet for 6,000 square feet.

The device removes up to 190 pints of water per day and 93 pints under AHAM condition while it removes 160 pints under its industrial standard. 

It is ideal for domestic and industrial uses and has an auto-restart feature when the power supply is interrupted. 

It does not have any complicated settings to run and gives the best solution for high humidity areas. Automatically run on the go with just a click on the Power On button.

  1. 386 CFM airflow
  2. LCD screen display
  3. 17 foot long drain hose
  4. Handle and wheels for mobility
  5. Ideal for 6000 square feet coverage
  6. Item weight: 97 pounds
  7. Product dimension: 21.5 x 19.3 x 32 inches
  • It has an automatic switch on and starts working after a power interruption
  • It removes a large amount of moisture with ease
  • Bulky in size, though it has castors for mobility

3. BlueDri BD-76P-RED

BlueDri BD-76P-RED

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The BlueDri BD comes in a large size for those large areas that need a super quality industrial dehumidifier. 

It can remove 150 pints at saturation condition and 76 pints at AHAM condition. 

This model stacks two units high for enough storage, and it is made with wheels and handles to give ease while moving it from one place to another. 

It is a use on the go for your garage, construction sites, basements, and the likes.

  1. Ideal for basement, garages and job sites
  2. 5 year warranty
  3. 150 pints removal per day
  4. Transporting handle and wheels
  5. Item weight: 81.00 lbs
  6. Dimension: 19 x 20 x 32 inches
  • Portable in size and made with a good carriage
  • User’s complaints about poor quality features.

4. BlueDri Industrial Dehumidifier for Basement and Homes

BlueDri Industrial Dehumidifier for Basement and Homes

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Here is another best fit for your water damage problems. It removes 225 pints of water per day under saturation conditions and 105 pints under AHAM conditions. Talk about an industrial dehumidifier 250 pints, this is an inevitable choice.

Aside from its high efficient moisture extraction quality, it comes with an automatic feature. With this, it could restart automatically after an interrupted power while running. 

Also, it has an automatic water pump and a controlled digital panel. There is lesser manual work to do with a BlueDri-130-BL.

  1. 4000 square feet floor area
  2. Up to 250 pints per day removal
  3. Wheels and handle for easy transporting
  4. Molded Polyethylene body construction
  5. Item weight: 103.8 pounds
  6. Dimension: 20 x 21 x 32.5 inches
  • The filter is washable and can be used over and over without losing quality. 
  • Expensive to manage
  • Works at a lower humidity level
  • User’s complaints about poor customer service

5. ALORAIR Storm Pro WiFi Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

ALORAIR Storm Pro WiFi Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

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One peculiar feature of this AlorAir product is that it is built to resolve high humidity problems. Meaning, the AlorAir Storm Pro Smart is specially-design to repair all kinds of water disasters. 

It has an automatic device that can run or restart automatically with no manual operations. It removes 85 pints per day under AHAM conditions and 180 pints under saturation conditions.

With a 5-year warranty that guarantees peace of mind and the heavy-duty rotomolded body prolongs its longevity and efficiency. 

  1. WiFi control
  2. LCD Display
  3. Automatic shut-off
  4. Built-in pump
  5. 5-year warranty
  6. Standard MERV-8 high efficiency filter
  •  Easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • Can be used for both commercial and domestic purpose 
  • Low maintenance cost
  • It is expensive 

How To Maintain Your Industrial Dehumidifier

You should know that to enjoy a long life span for your industrial dehumidifier depends on proper maintenance.

Part of the means to maintain your dehumidifier is cleaning with soapy water and chlorine solution.

To carry out this washing process, you will need two (2) hand gloves, a nose mask, liquid soap, a washing brush, chlorine bleach, and water.

Before cleaning the device, you would need a hand glove to keep your fingers from moisture. And you could go for a nose mask to prevent you from breathing in mold spores.

After that, ensure you follow accordingly the manual attached to the dehumidifier as each instruction might be different from one another.

Remove the liquid in the dehumidifier basket before washing gently with some soapy water. You can use a soft bottle brush to clean the dehumidifier basket to remove any growing organism.

Rinse out the dehumidifier with ordinary water after washing with soapy water. The next is to rinse it with a chlorine solution.

For your chlorine solution, add ½ cup chlorine bleach into a gallon of water and then fill the dehumidifier basket with it. Do ensure to swish the chlorine solution around the water basket well to remove every affected area.

Leave the solution to sit inside the device for 15 minutes before rinsing out the water basket with clean water.


Aside from an industrial dehumidifier, there is a residential dehumidifier that is home-friendly. However, the quality of the material for making this dehumidifier type is less durable than that of an industrial model. 

The industrial type is known for its high quality, which prolongs its life span. Because of this reason, this grade is widely in the industrial sector.  

We have provided you the reviews of five (5) best industrial dehumidifiers you can choose.

To make selection easier. We’ll recommend the two best dehumidifiers for you out of these five. Therefore, this will help you to make an informed decision while selecting the right industrial dehumidifier to buy in the market. 

The first here is the ALORAIR LGR Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier. This particular one is the most affordable made with a high-quality standard. It promises a longer life span and could still be in good shape even after the 5-years warranty. Features waterproof feature that makes it washable, and it is a wise choice to repair your flood damages.

The second is the ALORAIR Storm Pro Smart WiFi Dehumidifier. 

If you need a unit you can use for both your industrial and domestic needs, here is the best choice for you. The AlorAir Storm Pro Smart WiFi Dehumidifier can be dismantled with ease and set back within seconds.

Specifically, made to repair all kinds of disasters caused by water. You get to control your AlorAir Storm Pro dehumidifier with the AlorAir automatic dry-easy app. The app can be preset to run at your command and give you a pleasant user experience.

These are the two recommended AlorAir industrial dehumidifiers which you can pick to dehumidify.

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