Home humidity and temperature cannot at all times be at the optimal level. It’s either they are too low or too high. What happens when the weather is too hot/warm coupled with the fact that your room space is small and you know warm periods would last for a short period? The straight answer is to get yourself one of the best portable air conditioners to do the whole cooling for you.

A portable air conditioner (AC) is a temporarily installed indoor electronic appliance that produces cool air, which helps to lower high temperatures. It does not only suit small or medium size rooms, but it is also perfect for camping because it is easier to move around than other air conditioning systems.  

Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioner 

Aside from maintaining a cooling atmosphere in warm conditions, here are some other benefits of owning a quality portable air conditioner: 

  1. Better Sleep: It’s often difficult to get a refreshing breath whenever you sleep in a hot room. Consequently, you get deprived of the optimal rest that would keep your body system relaxed and active. A portable AC would improve the quality of sleep, as it circulates cool air inside your room, which helps in lowering the high temperature. Hence, let you enjoy your sleep better.
  2. Electrical maintenance: Although this is not often debate. However, too much heat can destroy some of your electric appliances. To prevent this. It is essential to have a functional air conditioning system that can help cool down these appliances whenever they are heating up.
  3. Reduce Dehydration: The air conditioner keeps your indoor environment cool which causes you to sweat less even while exercising or carrying out energy-demanding tasks. As a result of this, your body system will be able to retain enough percentage of water needed to keep you hydrated.
  4. Lower the risk of asthmatic attack: An air conditioner is an electronic appliance that helps reduce high humidity and also restricts airborne allergens coming from the outdoors to penetrate your house. Therefore, protect you and keep you safe from inhaling unhealthy substances that can trigger asthmatic attacks/symptoms.

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Features That Make Up The Best Portable Air Conditioner

Having known some of the benefits of air conditioners, it is pertinent you are aware of the necessary features that top-rated portable air conditioners have. Kindly note that price consideration is essential. However, it shouldn’t be buyers’ main concern when it’s time to selecting the type of portable AC that guarantees maximum effectiveness and durability. Buyers should be concerned about special features, which are: 

  • The cooling capacity: Before deciding to purchase a portable AC, you should check if it can produce enough air that is enough to cool your room.  
  • Maintenance rate: Not all portable air conditioners are easy to maintain. Many people find it more complex to take care of their portable air conditioner than other air conditioning systems such as the central AC system. The reason is that unlike some types of air conditioners, portable AC requires more supervision by owners. Therefore, you need to consider the maintenance rate by asking these questions:
  1. How often do I have to clean the air filter?
  2. How often do I have to clean the condenser coil?
  3. How frequently will I have to check the hose?
  4. Are the fins durable enough?
  • Size: Ensure the size of your portable air conditioner will fit perfectly in the available space in your room. 
  • Programmable timer and sleep settings: One of the most relevant features best portable air conditioners have is a programmable thermostat, which will enable you to set the time you want your AC turned on or off.
  • Dehumidifier: The best portable air conditioner should have a dehumidifying mode to reduce indoor humidness, which helps to prevent mold, mildew, or allergens problems. 
  • Air purification and odor removal: It is always advisable to choose portable air conditioners that use filtration systems. Because this will help purify the air in your room by removing harmful pollutants like dust, bacteria, etc. 

Putting into consideration the benefits above and features of the air conditioning system, we, therefore, assure you that our buyer’s guide will help you choose the best portable air conditioner. Here is our list of the top-rated brands:

Top 6 Best Portable Air Conditioners Reviews 


Top 6 Best Portable air conditioners Reviews 

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If cooling your room is all that matters to you, then start considering getting yourself this air conditioning system. This appliance comes with 10,000 BTU, making it capable of keeping your room cool and comfortable during hot seasons. It also comes with an adjustable fan speed to control the degree to which it produces air. In addition, it is easy to install, and it also has a dehumidifier that helps reduce the humidity in your room by keeping the air both cool and dry.  More so, this Black Decker can be easily controlled via its functional remote control or the control buttons besides the LED display on top of the appliance. It also comes with window kits (hose input and output, foam seal, slider bracket, locking screws, and air exhaust hose), making it readily available for use immediately after its installation. Most importantly, the device has a 24 hours programmable timer which enables you to decide when it should be running and what time you want it off. Therefore means that you would not have to worry about the device running when it is not needed. Another good news here is that proper time programming helps you save energy bills by turning the AC off when the programmed time reaches.

  • It works quietly.
  • It is portable.
  • It comes with a self-evaporating system that prevents drainage.
  • It does not require a battery.
  • It has 3-cool speed (high, medium, low) settings, which gives you maximum control over the cooling rate.
  • Suitable for camping trips or college dormitories.
  • It produces noise if not placed on a firm floor.
  • It is a bit expensive.

2. The AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner- AUZKIN

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Having the best portable air conditioner to keep you cool on hot days saves you the stress of leaving your room to hang around outdoors for a cool breeze. To avoid this stress, the AUZKIN AC promises to give you the cooling comfort you desire in hot conditions. This appliance is a mini air cooler, yet it comes with unique features, which keep you hydrated and refreshed whether in your house or at your office. It has a 3-speed wind mode that enables you to control the level at which it blows. The air conditioner has a rechargeable battery, and you can recharge it using a compatible USB port such as Laptop, Powerbank, and AC Adapter. It also has auto shut-off protection that makes it very fast and easy for you to turn the device off without using a remote control or the power button. All you need to do is gently tap the machine.

  • It is cheap.
  • Effective for personal use
  • It is handy.
  • It is energy efficient and does not require the use of a battery.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It might not work well without the addition of ice blocks on its surface.
  • It does not function without electricity.
  • Only suitable for small rooms.
  • You cannot use the remote to control it from a further distance.

3. SereneLifeSLPAC10 Air Conditioner

Best portable air conditioner- SereneLifeSLPAC10

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Unlike most portable air conditioners, this device comes with 4- different operating modes such as cooling, heating, dehumidifier, and fan system, which qualifies it to be one of the top-rated portable air conditioners among users. The indoor cooling conditioning system also features an automatic swing mode that enables it to circulate cool air around the room. Aside from the fact that it has 10,000 cooling capacity, it comes with a portable remote control which lets you control the mode, timer, and speed rate whenever you’re away from it. This device also has a 24 hours programmable timer. 

  • Its dehumidifier mode helps reduce high humidity levels in your room.
  • It is portable.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It operates quietly. 
  • It is suitable for a room of about 270+ square feet. 
  • It consumes low energy.
  • Scarcity

4. Best Portable Air Conditioner- TOSOT 8,000 BTU


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While searching for the best portable air conditioner that is perfect for a small room or office, it is pertinent you have it in mind that going for a device that produces too much BTU is a waste of money. Therefore, why not go for the type that suits your need? Hence, the Tosot is one best product to consider as it has an 8,000 cooling capacity which makes it perfect for a small room that is about 300 square feet. 

Moreover, space shouldn’t be a problem because this air conditioner is portable and has lightweight. It also has a fan to cool you and a dehumidifier mode that helps reduce the humidity level in your home. Another appreciated feature is that it works quietly, thereby guarantees quality night rest. Also, you can shut off all lights on the control panel if you find it disturbing without turning off the device. In addition, the device comes with a 24 hours timer which gives you the liberty to control the device and set it to any mode of your choice within a specific period.

  • It works quietly.
  • Easy to install.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is scarce.

5. Best Portable Air Conditioner- Ukoke USPC01W 

Best Portable Air Conditioner- Ukoke USPC01W 

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Would you like to control your air conditioning system just like you are asking a friend for assistance? If yes, then this device is for you. One of the uncommon features of this portable AC is that you can quickly turn it on, off, or adjust the settings through a voice command. It also comes with the latest technology that allows you to control the device through its mobile app. All you have to do is download the Ukoke App in Apple App Store or Android Play Store with your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. After downloading the app, you have to install it, and then you can control your air conditioning system afterward.

Furthermore, you can manually control the device through the digital panel beside its LED display or using the provided remote control. The air conditioning system also functions in multiple ways includes cooling, heating, dehumidifier, and adjustable fan mode (low, medium, and high). There is also a swing function inside the device that makes it circulate air around your room.

  • Can cool up to a medium-sized room.
  • It is possible to control it from afar through manual remote control or a mobile app.
  • It is portable.
  • Very easy to cool or heat your room with this device. 
  • It has reusable filters, which help you save your money.
  • It works quietly.
  • It is a bit expensive.

6.DeLonghi Penguino AC

DeLonghi Penguino

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One of the outstanding features of this DeLonghi brand is that it comes with Bluetooth technology that enables you to monitor the temperature and humidity level in your room with ease. You can also regulate the mode setting through the control panel or by using the portable remote control that comes with it. It also functions in multiple modes such as cooling, dehumidifying, or fanning at a whisper-quiet rate which means it is perfect for sleep or study periods. Most importantly, it comes with an eco-real feel which helps eliminate the mugginess in your room.

  • It helps dehumidify your room without making noise.
  • It functions as both breaths of air cooler and drier. 
  • It helps save 30% energy.
  • It is easy to maintain. 
  • It is suitable for a middle size room.
  • It is expensive.
  • It requires the use of a battery.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

  1. Constantly check the condensate drain to ensure it is functioning efficiently. The reason is that whenever the drain is clogged, there will be improper drainage which can make your whole house a mess. Consequently, insects and parasites will find your home environment comfortable for dwelling.
  2. Make arrangements with professional agents at least once in two months to clean up your air conditioning system if you find cleaning it time-consuming or stressful.
  3. Check the condenser and evaporator of your AC at least once a month to ensure their fins are not bent. If you discover that the fins are bent, kindly purchase a fin comb(s) to replace it.
  4. Clean the air filter of your air conditioner at least thrice in 2 months to keep your machine working effectively and to also prevent particles and dirt from penetrating your room.
  5. Keep the device from the reach of children.

Purchasing the best portable air conditioner is worth it. However, you tend not to get the best of your device if you position it in the wrong place.

What is the best position for portable air conditioner placement?

The most appropriate position for your portable AC is on a leveled floor where there is nothing at the front of it, which is capable of obstructing the air from circulating throughout your room. You should also note that a portable air conditioner should be positioned close to your window and near to electrical outlets (for example, wall socket) so you wouldn’t have to run an extension cord to your air conditioner.

  • Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

ANSWER : The most common cause of this problem is traceable to a dirty or clogged air filter that restricts air from passing through the evaporator coils. To solve this problem, all you need to do is clean the filters.

  • How do I get the best of my portable air conditioner?

ANSWER: Read the manual before installing and ensure you cool your room before it gets hot.

  • Do portable air conditioners require extra power accommodations?

ANSWER: No, the reason, like every other type of air conditioning system, a portable air conditioner uses standard household voltage.

  • Why should I go for a portable air conditioner?

ANSWER . Portable AC is known to be cost-effective, easy to install, and it allows natural light to enter your home as it requires smaller space than a big-size air conditioning system. You should, therefore, consider these benefits as an advantage over a window AC unit.

Final Words

Portable air conditioners work perfectly like other air conditioning systems seen in big offices, massive buildings, etc. Although they are small in size, they work perfectly in dehumidifying and circulating cool air in your room during hot weather. We believe our review will serve as an ultimate guide for you before placing an order for a portable air conditioner.

In our own opinion, we consider DeLonghi Penguino and Ukoke USPC01W to be the best portable air conditioners. The reason is that, aside from the fact that they are easy to operate because of their high technological anesthetics. Their cooling capacity is powerful to cool a medium-sized room, which means you can save some money and at the same time enjoy a refreshing atmosphere in your home.

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