Having to stay healthy, comfortable, keep warm in cold periods, and at the same time save up the money you could have spent on an expensive HVAC thermostat would definitely make you feel happy. To accomplish this is much easier with a purchase of a space heater that can help regulate your home temperature to the degree you desire within seconds or less than a few minutes. With this, you wouldn’t have to bother about the change of weather. Rather, all your concern should be on getting the best space heater for your basement. Getting a basement space heater without knowing the type that suits your basement could give you a frustrating result, and in the long run, you waste your money in getting a replacement at diverse periods. To avoid this, you need to have substantial knowledge about the basic features of a good space heater. That’s why you are here, so follow through with this review to avoid mistakes many buyers make.

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5 Best Space Heater for Basement Reviews

1. Lasco 755320 Ceramic for Large Basement

Lasco 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

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If your main concern is to own a modern ceramic heater that circulates warm air throughout your basement, this could be the best brand for you. The 1500 watt capacity space heater comes with 2 quiet mode setting features that enable you to select either high heat or low heat supply. It also comes with an in-built 8 hours timer to keep you warm both day and night. The heater guarantee safety by automatically switching off itself when it reaches the programmed time set for it. It has a multi-functional remote control that helps you control its settings at will even from a far distance.


  • It is portable and easy to move.
  • It has an immediate and effective heating capacity.
  • It easily displays temperature degrees which enables you to select your desired temperature range.
  • It has a thermostat button that enables you to select between the 2 modes settings.
  • It has safe standard measures that keep it cool from overheating after several hours of work. 
  • Easy to operate.


  • The device needs proper monitoring before it could function well.
  • The space heater is most effective in small areas.

2. Trustech electronic for Basement Room

Trustech electronic ceramic space heater

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This is a very powerful space heater device that comes with a 60degree oscillating system and a 1500 watt capacity heating panel which makes it very effective in spreading hot air all around your bedroom, basement, office, etc. in few seconds. Its overheating protection and tip-over feature also make it very suitable for your household. How does this work?

Once the space heater overheats, it shut off automatically to prevent fire outbreak. Moreover, it has 3 heating modes of setting which are low, high and eco modes. The eco mode functions as a regulator whereby it adjusts the thermostat to produce the accurate degree of heat you want. 


  • It has the capacity to heat large spaced basement/ bedroom/living room/office etc. up to 75° F in few seconds.
  • It has 3 heating modes setting which enables you to control how the device works. 
  • It has overheating and tip-over protection
  • It comes with a remote control that has a CR-2025 battery capacity model. 


  • Might not be suitable for small space
  • Expensive

3. DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater

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It has 24 hours programmable timer, 3 different heating modes, the ability to keep a large room warm, and no maintenance cost are the top factors that make the DeLonghi space heater one of the best basement heater in 2021. Unlike some other space heater, it operates silently, which makes its usage suitable for any type of environment. It is made of high-quality steel, which makes it durable, and also helps prevent leakage at any time.


  • It cable is 6 feet long, which makes it suitable for a large room.
  • It operates silently and does not require a battery.
  • It helps lower your bill by heating only the area it is being placed.
  • It has an anti-freeze setting that prevents frozen pipes in cold seasons.
  • It has lightweight, which makes it easy to move around.


  • Product does not come with a remote.
  • Excessive heat might be produced in smaller rooms if the temperature is not properly set.
  • It is expensive.

4. Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

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Pelonis radiator heater has been in the market for over 30 years and has thus far been assuring its users’ safe protection in cold seasons. Its three heating modes and five different temperature settings will help you adjust the temperature level of your basement at any time. This oil-filled radiator is considered to be one of the best space heaters for your basement or room because you would no longer have to wake up at night or constantly change the settings for it has 10 hours programmable timer.

In addition, it operates silently as the hot air circulates throughout your room or basement giving you the cozy feeling you love. It operates in a way that helps ease your respiratory movement as it produces no dust whether when switched on or off. 


  • It retains the moisture in your home which makes breathing easy for you.
  • Can be placed in any area of your house without affecting its effectiveness
  • The absence of dazzling light guarantees you sound night rest.
  • Easy to operate
  • A portable remote control that enables you to operate your radiator heater from any corner of your room.
  • It is portable


  • Only suitable for smaller space room.

5. Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

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One of the outstanding features of this device is that it has an automatic mode setting that enables you to control the temperature level to either raise or lower the temperature. Lasko ceramic space heater has a 1500 watt capacity that makes the device generate maximum heat to your room as quickly and effectively as possible, which helps you stay warm and healthy. Moreover, it is equipped with an oscillating system that helps circulate heat air all over your room/basement. Its 1-8 hours built-in timer enables you to determine how long you want your space heater to run. It is portable and easy to use, which qualifies it to be one of the best space heaters at the moment.


  • It has the capacity to heat a large room
  • It is fully assembled, which makes it easy to use
  • It has a multi-functional remote control that enables you to control the device from a far distance.
  • Fast production of warm heat 


  • Low programmable timer

Types of Space Heaters

It is essential for you to know the various types of space heaters because they will serve as an ultimate guide for you while choosing the one that suits your needs. Here are some categories:

1. Radiant heating system: These heating systems produce heat in a particular space rather than circulating it all over your basement. This feature gives them distinctive recognition over other space heaters as it helps bring the warmest desired temperature in your basement over a long period of time. You can also install your radiant heating system below the floor depending on how you love your house to be arranged. Although it is similar to the old radiator, however, the main difference is that it runs on electricity, unlike the old radiator.

2. Electric heater: This type of space heater is not only cost-effective, but it is also very efficient for large basement because of the high wattage capacity that enables it to produce heat air as quickly and efficiently as possible. If this is the feature you want your space heater to have, why not go for an electric heater. Please note that they are in different sizes, brands and the prices vary.

3. Baseboard heaters: These heating systems are known to be easy to operate and likewise effective in producing hot air needed to warm up your basement. However, you need to consider the size of your room before going for this kind of heater.

Factors To Consider While Buying Your Basement Space Heater

I choose to believe you know the value of getting a good space heater to protect yourself and your household against the unpleasant weather that might deprive you of the comfort you desire.

Here are some key factors you need to know: 

  • Size: 

There is no appropriate size when it comes to choosing the best space heater for the basement or your room. However, one of the things you need to consider is the size of your basement. Having a hefty space heater in a small spaced basement will not only make it stuffy, but it will also increase the humidity level of your basement which might cause unpleasant organisms to grow whenever your space heater is switched off. 

  • Heating capacity: 

You need to check the description of each space heater product in the market and go for the one that suits your need. Product descriptions are easily accessed on the sales page of the brands you are considering paying. Amazon is also a very good place to check for an explicit product review on the space heater for the basement where you get to know product features like the heating capacity and some other facts about different brands.

  • Wattage: 

If your desire is to choose the best space heater for your basement then you definitely cannot overlook the wattage of the brand you are going for. Wattage simply means the amount of energy your heater can produce at the maximum or minimum level. There is no perfect wattage capacity for any space heater, however, your decision should be determined by the size of your basement or room and the temperature degree of your environment during the cold season.

  • Temperature control: 

The best space heater for your basement is the type you can easily specify the degree of heat you want. Although all space heaters have control buttons, however, not all come with an adjustable thermostat that enables you to choose the degree to which you want the device to run. It is therefore advisable to go for space heaters that have a digital thermostat in order to control the temperature degree of your basement.

  • Eco mode: 

This is also one of the greatest features you must look into before getting a space heater for your basement. Eco mode setting will enable you to maintain the desired temperature degree for your basement as it switches from the highest temperature degree to the lowest temperature degree when necessary. Meaning that whenever the device is running lower or higher than the degree set, it automatically re-heats or cools down the air. On the other hand, space heaters that have an eco-mode setting will enable you to conserve money and at the same time serve you the maximum level by keeping you warm in cold seasons.

  • Oscillation: 

Whether your basement is large or small, the best space heater is the type that has this feature. Oscillation makes your space heater randomly circulate heat in your room or basement, therefore, keeping every corner warm in a nice and controlled temperature degree. However, you can only get this feature in ceramic and fan space heaters.

  • Timer: 

This has been so far one of the unique selling propositions of many space heater brands. A device with a programmable timer will enable you to decide when you want your space heater on and when you want it off. This will help you save your money and give proper maintenance to your space heater. Note that the timer varies depending on the brand you go for while some brands have the timing capacity of 10 hours, some other brands could be more or less. It is therefore advisable to go for the type that runs for a longer period of time in order to stay warm throughout the night without having to worry about your heater shutting down.

  • Remote: 

Having a space heater that comes with remote control is an added advantage to comfort. The remote will enable you to control the settings of your space heater, so you won’t have to walk down to the spot your device is at any time you want to effect a change on its setting.

Final Words

A space heater has an advantage over a blanket or cardigan in cold seasons because this device keeps your entire room warm meaning that you won’t have to enshroud yourself in an uncomfortable cloak. However, a space heater could be a fire hazard if it does not have a protection feature that causes it to automatically shut down whenever it overheats. It is therefore pertinent to consider this factor when choosing a space heater for your home or basement.