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Top10 Countries With The Best Air Quality To Know

We have gathered useful facts from our various research to tell you all you need to know about the countries with the best air quality.

Especially if you have an allergy, you would surely want to take extra care of your health. You would want to be more careful of some things like:

  • Where you live
  • How you interact with low-quality indoor air, 
  • The things you do indoors that could contaminate your indoor air and some other things to guarantee your 100% indoor air quality.

All these and many other things are what you need to be conscious of each time. Doing this will not only prevent you from ill health, but it will also help you stay active always and have a pleasurable experience in your journeys and relocations.

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Air pollution in the countries of the world

With the rate at which air pollution is increasing in most countries today, traveling might seem difficult especially for a patient with an allergy.

The development in technology and growth in the industry has contributed to the increase in air pollution in some countries. Some countries are, as a result of lack of development while some are as a result of overpopulation.

Whether you are traveling for relocation or just for some specific period, it is best to ensure the air quality wherever you are going.

Those experiences and imagination that come with being a traveler could be exciting. Especially when traveling for a vacation, there is no place beyond the traveler’s expectations.

But then, you are likely to be anxious about the new environment you are going to meet and the neighborhood, and most importantly, the air quality of the country. 

In all this pollution, research has shown us some countries that have healthy air. And some of these countries are listed below.

Read further below to have more details about these countries with the best air quality.

Countries With The Best Air Quality

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 92% of the global population breathes in toxic air. 

With the growth of technology and big industries, air pollution has been a threat to human health. More than ever before, we have recorded various sicknesses such as cancer, which are also caused by breathing in polluted air. 

Therefore, we have carried out some research to find out the few countries with the best quality air.

These countries are:

  • Puerto Rico
  • New Caledonia
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Sweden
  • Finland

This is a Caribbean island that ranked top in the world-cleanest air quality. Aside from this, it meets all the guidelines set by WHO for air quality.

1. Puerto Rico:

Along with its best air quality, it has a beautiful landscape and vegetation, which could be alluring to tourists. Puerto Rico is the world’s choicest place to travel to without any fear.

2. New Caledonia: 

This is a French territory that also ranked high with Puerto Rico in the world’s cleanest air quality. 

Traveling to New Caledonia, you are guaranteed a high-classed French-influenced restaurant and lots of luxuries and boutiques aside from the clean air quality.

3. Finland

It is no surprise that Finland finds its name listed among the top countries with the best quality air.

Finland has always been known for its environmental-conservative measures. They maintain their agreement with Paris to reduce industrial pollution, which has helped the country immensely developing clean air quality.

Therefore, if you seek to have a relocation thought or just a vacation for some weeks, Finland is a good choice you could take to guarantee your air safety.

4. Sweden: 

Sweden is also ranked one of the countries with the best air quality. And aside from the air quality, it has some alluring vistas which could be attractive to tourists.

5. US Virgin Islands: 

This also ranked high with Puerto Rico and New Caledonia. It is a group of Caribbean islands which are widely known for their white sand beaches. 

Of course! You would love your vacation here on the Caribbean islands.

Above is the list of some top-ranked places with good air quality you could always travel to.

Other Cleanest Countries in the world 

You might also want to have a list of some other countries known for their cleanliness around the world. 

Know that people who live in cleaner surroundings tend to live longer than those in a dirty environment. That is why it is good for you to take note of these below-listed countries as they could also be known for good quality air.

Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany.

Any of the above countries ranked highest in the list of the cleanest country in the world. You could choose any one from the list to have a pleasurable and safe vacation experience. 

Aside from the countries that ranked high with the best air quality, and the other cleanest country in the world, below is the list of the top 20 countries with the worst air quality.

Top 20 Countries With Worst Air Quality

A look at the countries below, you will see how highly populated they are.

A country with a large population and big industries will find it difficult to maintain its air quality. Some of these countries are:

Nepal, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Bahrain, Cameroon, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chad, and Central Africa.

Other countries on this list are China, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, and Equatorial Guinea.

A look at these will tell you of their large population size and their developing economy.

With this list given to you are limited, also ensure you check out the air quality of any country you are relocating to. Do not let the excitement of traveling get over you to forget to do the needful. 

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