Are you a pet lover? Here is a useful piece for you, especially if you own a cat. If you care so much about your indoor air, you might want to know if an air purifier works for cat allergies.

This article will do justice to all your fears about how to cure your cat’s allergies with an air purifier. 

Do Air Purifiers Work For Cat Allergies? Knowing The Truth

Before I go further, you might be wondering what an air purifier is. 

There is no hidden meaning to it. Air purifier clears your air off any organism that could be harmful when breathing. Now, you will remember those devices you might have used in the past to purify your air. 

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Moving on, cat allergies are real and could be harmful to people. From research results, we found out that people have asked several questions in the past about cat allergies. Even cat lovers would not hesitate to get the easiest means to control their cat allergies. One of these several questions is what this article is going to do justice to in few minutes. 

They ask, “Do air purifiers work for cat allergies? Wait a minute, what have people said about these cat allergies in the past? Read further to see the facts we have gathered about different reactions to cat allergies.

What Are Cat Allergies?

Myths and different reactions from people about cat allergies have gone viral in the past. These reactions have led to some misinformation about the causes and effects of cat allergies. 

The question now is what exactly are people allergic to in cats? Is it the fur? The answer here is obviously “No”, as people do not get allergic to cat fur.

People get allergic to the shedding skin cell which is also known as cat dander. Another thing people get allergic to is cat’s saliva. This cat dander is an allergen that follows the cat wherever it goes. It is a tiny particle that cannot be seen with the eyes. Another characteristic of the dander is that it stays for a long time before clearing off. And I tell you, without an adequate air purifier, you won’t be able to get rid of it. Aside from cat dander, cat saliva is ubiquitous in a cat owner’s house. 

All that mentioned above are what causes allergies in cats, not the fur. Get that!

However, to identify an individual with a cat allergy, here are the symptoms below:

  • Skin irritation
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Running nose
  • Nasal congestion, etc.

The symptoms listed above will help you to know if you are reacting to a cat allergy or not. 

However, with an air purifier, you could prevent those symptoms. Air purifiers work perfectly well for cat allergies. Different types of air purifiers for cat allergies have been produced that you can easily get anyone of your choice.

Air Purifiers For Cat Allergies

There are different types of air purifiers you can use to prevent cat allergies.

Depending on the technology used, an air purifier that uses a filter to remove particles can have a significant impact on the number of cat allergens. Removing as much as possible can help relieve allergy symptoms.

  • HEPA filters

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 micrometers. So, an air purifier with HEPA technology can help reduce some of the larger particles such as airborne dust, cat dander in your home.

However, when it comes to the very small particles of cat allergens that break off from larger particles of dried saliva or cat dander, a HEPA filter is not as effective. Small molecules are more likely to pass through a HEPA filter and be returned to the air. If you inhale any of these molecules, you may have an allergic reaction.

A HEPA filter can capture fur hairs or skin flakes from pets, but it will need to be changed regularly and safely, so as not to release particles into the air during the replacement process.

  • Carbon air filters

A carbon filter is only designed to remove certain types of gases from the air. They cannot process particles, which would make it ineffective for small and large particles of cat dander, especially animal hair. However, some people may choose a charcoal filter to combat their pet odor.

Best Air Purifier For Reducing Cat Dander

If you are a cat owner and you have asthma, in the hope of reducing cat dander in your home you can get an air purifier.

Do you have a cat and a friend who has an allergic reaction every time they come to your house?

Most filtration-based air purifiers reduce dander in the air no matter what type of dander or animal it is from. Therefore, particle filtration technology such as HEPA is an effective option.

That said, the ideal air purifier for reducing cat dander and reducing allergic reactions to cats can destroy allergy-producing proteins carried by animal hair or contained in cat dander and saliva.

When you seek to buy your air purifier, look out for an air purifier with the following characteristics:

  1. An air purifier that combines a filtration element.
  2. One that captures larger particles, such as animal dander. 
  3. An air purifier that has additional technology to deal with smaller pollutants that cannot be filtered out.


The IDEAL air purifier, which uses technology that can destroy allergens in smaller pets, will better capture pet dander and remove all other pet-related pollutants from the air in your home.

Now, I want to believe that this question, “do air purifiers work for cat allergy”, has been well answered. Air purifiers work very well for cat allergies. And there are different types of air purifiers to use for your cat allergies. 

And aside from the air purifiers, you could prevent the symptoms from getting to you by staying away from cats. Make sure your room is well ventilated and always clean. Do not let your cat go to bed with you as they could cause your reactions. Know what you react to and stay away from them. 

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