An electrostatic precipitator air purifier is a technology that uses static electricity to remove airborne particles in the home, office, store, etc., to keep the air clean and safe for your health. This indoor device has been in existence before the arrival of air purifiers with HEPA filters. Though not of the latest technology, electrostatic air purifiers are one of the dominating air purifiers in the market. This device helps to improve the environmental air quality by extracting bacterial, dust, and other particles from the air through its fan and then pass electrical charges to them. Once it traps the particles, the positive and negative charges of the device solidify them and make them stick to the filtration system of your humidifier.

As technology advances, electrostatic air purifier becomes less popular because more people choose air purifiers with HEPA filters as a safer and effective device.

Do Electrostatic Air Purifiers Work? What You Need To Know

However, we cannot say that electrostatic air purifiers are not effective or reliable. Research shows that they have a longer life span compared to HEPA filter air purifying systems. One of the main differences between these devices is that an electrostatic air purifier requires low maintenance. Unlike HEPA air purifier that needs a frequent replacement of filters, electrostatic air purifier only needs proper filtration cleaning. When the air purifier is clean, the layer (s) will be able to tightly hold dirties, mold spores, dust, particles, and all kinds of pollutants to prevent them from spreading throughout the atmosphere as airborne.

The Benefits Of Electrostatic Air Purifiers

  • Cost-effective: Aside from its cost price, you might not have to spend a penny on your electrostatic air purifier for years. The reason is that it has a durable air filtration system that does not require replacement. You have to wash it whenever it is dirty, dry it, and then fix it for use.
  • Air purifying: We all want to live in an environment where we won’t have to bother about developing lung disease or other respiratory problems in the latter years of our lives. The electrostatic air purifier can effectively eliminate particles that are hazardous to your health, and that can also damage some properties in your store or industry.
  • Easy airflow: Unlike Hepa filter air purifying system that does not function well whenever the pore blocks with dust, an electrostatic air purifier filter has no pores. It, therefore, guarantees easy airflow and oscillate air circulation.
  • Protects house appliance: When an indoor machine like an air conditioning system gets clogged with dust, it affects the efficiency and might reduce its life span. It is where an electrostatic air purifier comes to the rescue. This air filtering system will help to quickly absorb dust and other particles that can block the coils or surface of your AC.

Despite these promising and attractive benefits, we can’t conclusively say that an electrostatic air filter guarantees total satisfaction. Often, the disadvantages of an electrostatic air purifier might be due to personal reasons. These reasons may include the design, spec, or whatever feature you like that electrostatic air purifiers do not possess. However, we observed some common factors that might make you want to go for an alternative air purifier system.


  • High maintenance: As comforting as it is not to worry or monitor your air purifier, you are left with no choice but to do so if you use an electrostatic air purifier. The reason is, infrequent washing will reduce the working efficiency of your device.
  • Less effective: Air purifiers with HEPA filters are better than electrostatic air purifiers. The reason is that the humidifying speed of the latter is slow and cannot absorb ultrafine particles as the Hepa filter air purifier can. It is, therefore, not advisable to go for this product if you live in a highly contaminated area.
  • Ozone: Electrostatic air purifier can produce ozone inside your home, which makes it dangerous in an environment where children or asthmatic patient lives.

How To Clean It?

One of the easiest ways to clean your electrostatic air purifier (EAP) without detaching the whole part is using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool that allows you to conveniently clean off dust and dirties that can slow down the efficiency of your air purifier. Another common and effective way of cleaning electrostatic air purifiers is through the use of a water hose. The water hose method requires the use of clean water to wipe particles present inside your device. Although this method is time-consuming, however, it is best for deep cleansing of an air purifier. In addition, ensure you read the instruction of the electrostatic air cleaner you have for proper cleaning and handling.

Which Is Better Between An Electrostatic Air Purifier vs HEPA Air Filter Purifier?

Well, it depends on your budget and how well you can maintain an air purifier. You can check through the previous paragraphs to have a recap on this. However, we recommend True HEPA air filter purifier as the best because it can remove ultra fine particles from the air while electrostatic air purifiers cannot. Furthermore, most of the electrostatic air purifiers emit much ozone that is bad for the health.

Final Words

If you have been contemplating whether to buy an electrostatic air purifier or not, I believe this article has enlightened you that owning an electrostatic air purifier is safe. It is also cheap and will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from inhaling a harmful substance that can jeopardize your health.

Last note: Ensure you thoroughly dry the filter after washing or else, it might cause mold to grow if left unused for a long time.

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