Everything is different with a baby around and this applies to a humidifier. While having a humidifier in your home can be quite beneficial to your baby’s health, there are certain precautions you have to take. This includes knowing the answer to the question of how close should the humidifier be to baby. What would be considered safe enough to position your humidifier when there’s a baby in the room? Figuring this out can be a little tricky. Most manufacturers don’t explicitly state this in their manual. But don’t assume that because they don’t say this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know it. As part of the steps to protect your baby, you must keep it at a safe distance from your baby at all times. 

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Generally, it is recommended that you keep a humidifier at least 3 to 4 feet away from your baby. This is the safest distance to position the humidifier for maximum effect and also for the safety of your baby. There are a number of reasons why this distance is recommended. This includes the following: 

4 Reasons To Keep Humidifier Away From Your Baby 

  • Babies can be inquisitive

Once a baby can move around about either by crawling or walking, nothing in sight is safe. As part of this explorative stage of their life, they are likely to touch anything and everything in their path. Pretty much everything in your baby’s room will be touched or pulled which is why keeping appliances like humidifiers as out of reach as possible is recommended. 

Some babies may even pull power cords out of electrical outlets. Humidifiers contain water and this does not combine well with electricity. Thus, keeping your humidifier away is recommended for your baby’s safety. 

  • Humidifiers can get hot

Some humidifiers (especially warm mist humidifiers depend on vapor from boiling water to humidifier your home. This means they contain hot water that can burn your baby if accidentally knocked over. This is another major reason why keeping the humidifier away is a must. Also, for homes with babies, cool mist humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers are more recommended since they constitute less safety threat to babies. 

  • Keep microorganisms away

Molds and other microorganisms thrive better in a humid space. While the goal of using a humidifier is to make your indoor space more comfortable, when your position is too close to your baby’s crib, a lot of moisture will be accumulated here. This can promote the growth of microorganisms in that space leading to allergies and other adverse effects. 

  • Humidifiers may be too loud

Modern humidifiers are continually being designed to operate more quietly, and many of them won’t disturb your baby’s sleep. In fact, some babies may even find the white noise produced by these units a bit soothing. However, if they are too close to the crib, they might too loud for your baby to sleep properly. This is another simple but important reason to keep the humidifier unit far from the crib. 

4 Safety Tips For Keeping A Humidifier In A Baby’s Room 

It is safe to keep a humidifier in your baby’s room. In fact, it is healthy and absolutely recommended. It will protect your baby from a runny nose, allergies, and other negative consequences of inhaling cold dry air. However, there are certain safety precautions to observe when using this appliance in your baby’s room. This includes the following: 

  • Keep it at a safe distance: as mentioned, the humidifier should be positioned about 3 to 4 feet from the baby’s crib. This is necessary for safety and to protect the baby. For the best results with humidifying the room, the unit is best positioned at the center of the room. This ensures proper and uniform circulation of humidified air to all parts of the room. 
  • Put it in an elevated position: it is best not to position your humidifier on the floor. This is particularly important if your baby can get out of the crib and get close to the humidifier. You can place the unit on a dresser, a table, or a chair. But don’t leave it on the floor where they can easily reach it. Of course, you should ensure that this platform is stable as well. They can knock the humidifier over pouring water all over your carpet which could lead to a mold problem and other issues. Elevating the humidifier this way also serves the dual purpose of helping release the vapor much higher into the air for more efficient distribution. This also prevents the issue of mist puddling on your floor when the humidifier is in use. 
  • Use a kid-friendly humidifier: There are humidifier units designed to be kid-friendly. These types of humidifiers don’t get too hot to touch, are designed to be stable, and will switch off automatically if knocked over. These safety precautions will help protect your kid in the unlikely event that they can get to the humidifier despite your attempt to keep them away from it. 
  • Cleanliness: This is also of critical importance when using a humidifier in a baby’s room. The unit should be cleaned regularly by wiping it down and by washing it with a mixture of water and vinegar. You should also change the water regularly. This will avoid a build-up of microorganisms which can be unhealthy for your baby. 


It is safe to use a humidifier in your baby’s room as long as you follow the necessary precautions. This includes positioning the humidifier and its cord away from your toddler’s reach, elevating the unit, and using a humidifier that is designed to be safer for kids. These will allow you to enjoy the benefits of using a humidifier without putting your little one at risk.