65 percent humidity will not only make you feel cold, it is a quick exit from luxury to discomfort. You also stand the chance of suffering from various health problems. However, you can prevent this from happening by keeping your home humidity weather to the minimum level. How can this be achieved?

Is 65 Humidity High? How do you Know

Well, thanks to some brilliant innovations and ideas from weather scientists and other researchers that have so far been proven effective in helping people to lower high humidity in their various homes. Basically, the percentage of weather humidity affects our daily activities which makes it impossible for you to neglect the level of humidity in your home or nearest environment. Research shows that humidity should be best maintained between 30 and 50 percent. This implies that if weather humidity exceeds 30%-50% to about 65 percent then it is considered to be high and might become unbearable for you as time goes on.

At this stage, the air is retained to a maximum level at which it has less capacity to hold moisture emanating from your home. Consequently, your body tends to heat up as your skin tremendously produces an amount of sweat that usually takes time to evaporate when the humidity is high. In relation to this, poorly managed indoor activities such as improper drainage, a stuffy kitchen, etc. could increase the temperature level in your home and therefore lead to high humidity which your air conditioner or ventilation coming in through your window might not be strong enough to reduce.

On the other hand, low humidity could cause loss of moisture in the skin which in most cases leads to itchy and skin dryness. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) therefore asset it is good for an environment to be kept at a humidity level which is below 65 percent. In addition, weather scientists reported that humidity in the weather should be kept at 30-50 percent.

Here are some reasons why 65 percent humidity is bad:

  • Sleeplessness and headache: Human body system like to stay at a regular temperature level. However, when a significant change occurs as a result of high humidity, the body system begins to react to the change which makes it hard for some people to fall asleep. Asthmatic patients are in most cases affected by this as their respiratory moment tends to be disturbed which eventually leads to insomnia. As a result of this, slight or severe headaches proceed. However, this can be prevented if your home is put into proper maintenance from reaching 65 percent humidity.
  • Hyperthermia: Anytime the humidity in weather increases to about 65 percent, your body system starts finding it difficult to let out internal heat which often causes overheating. This can therefore lead to dehydration, fatigue or muscle cramps.
  • Growth of harmful organisms: When environmental humidity reaches 65 percent, the presence of molds, fungi, dust mites, and other harmful organisms is not far-fetched. The reason is that the amount of water vapor the air can hold has been restricted by the temperature therefore the environment becomes clammy. Consequently, the cold atmosphere would make it easier for dangerous organisms to breed on house appliances such as ceiling, wooden furniture, wines, etc.
  • Allergies: The continuous breed of harmful organisms in your environment due to high humidity can trigger different forms of allergies and cause sicknesses of various types. Moreover, it is easier to contrast respiratory infection when it is 65 percent humidity high. This makes it essential for you to take caution in a humid environment where you have people who are infected with any forms of bacterial infections such as catarrh, flu, cough, etc.
  • Excess perspiration: Your body tends to retain more sweat whenever the weather humidity is high. The reason is that quick evaporation of perspiration from skin would be difficult because there is maximum moisture the air can hold at a time.
  • Unpleasant smell: Offensive odors may begin to erupt whenever it is 65 percent humidity high. During this period, you tend to perceive moldy smells or unpleasant body odor of people around you.

How You Can Measure Humidity In Your Home

Get a hygrometer: The hygrometer has been tested and proven to be one of the most reliable and effective tools that will help you measure the humidity level of your home. This device is very easy to operate. Once your hydrometer is set, all you need to do is wait for about 3 minutes for it to read the humidity level of your home. Moreover, the hydrometer should be placed in an environment where the temperature is constant in order to get the best result. Wall condensation is also a sign that the humidity level in your home is high.

How To Reduce High Humidity

1.      Dehumidifier: This is an electronic house appliance that helps you modify the level of humidity in your home. It also helps you prevent health risks and enables you to live a comfortable life.

However, having a dehumidifier does not fully guarantee you the success of reducing humidity levels as high as 65 percent. The reason is that, without proper usage of your dehumidifier, you won’t get the maximum result. 

One of the ways to properly use this device is to place it in the most humid area of your house. However, you can have more than a single dehumidifier in your house depending on your choice. But this might not be necessary if you purchase a dehumidifier with a very high capacity e.g. a dehumidifier of 50 or 70 pints

2.      Proper ventilation: High humidity is often experienced in homes where electric appliances or other properties are more than the available place. In this case, you need to move out objects like plants, create proper ventilation for your kitchen and bathroom, etc. to enable fresh air inside your house. You might also need to replace oversize home appliances such as big bookshelves, hefty air conditioning machines, etc.

3.      The use of a functioning air conditioning system: will also help reduce the level of moisture in your home keeping it at the normal humidity level that is healthy for you. However, an air conditioner might not be the best option to lower humidity if the temperature level of your home is already low but instead opt for a humidifier. 

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Final Words

In summary, keeping the right level of humidity in your environment keeps your household safe from factors that are detrimental to your health.